Cake Flavors

The Classics: These are the simple but timeless flavors everyone loves and are included in the base price.

Vanilla           German Chocolate              Chocolate Fudge                 Marble

Something just a little different:  These are flavors which are a bit different than the usual, but still included in the base cake price

Butter Yellow            Lemon                     Spice               Crayon Box (confetti)

Tuxedo (one layer Chocolate and one layer White)

Elegant and Classy:   These are other options for your cake and are  $.50 more per serving.

Sparkling Lemon                 24 Carrot                   White Champagne

Super Couple (one layer each of your choice of two flavors)


Our standard filling is a delicious buttercream. And comes in simple  flavors.

Vanilla           Chocolate     Mocha           Coffee

Our Premium Fillings are another delicious alternative and are $.25 more per serving.

Almond          Hazelnut        Lemon          Maple             Raspberry

Our sinful fillings are incredibly delicious and a must have for that over the top cake. There is an additional charge of $.50 per serving for these fillings.

Cookies and Cream             Mint Chip      Peanut Butter          Peanut Butter Cup

Snickers                             Banana                        Chocolate Ganache’             Cream Cheese              Penuche

Fruit Base Fillings are $.50 per serving more than basic filling.

Raspberry      Apricot           Peach             Fig      Strawberry

Fabulous Couples

These are a few popular cake and filling combinations you may like:

Candy Bar- White Vanilla cake with Peanut butter Cup filling

Lemon Dream- Pound cake with Lemon filling

Mint Chocolate Chip- Chocolate Fudge Cake with Mint chip filling

Pancakes- Buttery Yellow cake with Pure Maple filling

Lemon Fresh Almond- Lemon Cake with Light Almond filling

Mocha- Chocolate Fudge Cake with Coffee filling

Cookies and Cream-Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cookies and Cream filling

24 Carrot- Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese filling

Of course, we will try to create whatever combination you may think of!

To inquire about availabilty or  get your cake quote, visit our contact page and fill out the  survey questonaire, or if you have other questions, Please e-mail incredibleicing@live.com


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