Wedding Cakes


Today’s Brides are not limited to Mom’s White on White Wedding Cake.  Nowadays, ANYTHING goes! Today’s wedding cakes make a bold statement about the bride or the couple’s style.  Be creative- It’s your Special Day!


If you still need a few ideas, here are some of the hottest new wedding cake trends for 2016!

Personalization- Make that cake tell a story about YOU!

Sugar sequins- Done in copper and bronze, paired with trendy new  wedding colors- blush, pink, peach and aquamarine.

Mini Cakes- In place of or in addition to the tiered bridal cake,  couples are opting to use small cakes as centerpieces on the reception tables in different flavors, enticing their guests to get up and mingle!

The Chalkboard Cake- If you haven’t seen one of these, you should!

Fantasy Flowers- While realistic flowers are always beautiful, brides are leaning toward cut and embellished fantasy flowers.

Continuing trends are adding buttons, ribbons and jewelry to your cake as well as lots of texture.


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