2018 Wedding Cake Trends

 Wedding Cake Trends for 2017

You want  that “to die for” trendy wedding cake at your reception, but when you go looking, there are so many ideas it will make your head spin!  I went searching for what is trending in wedding cakes for 2018 and visited no less than 30 different sites from all over the world.  What I found popular in one area, may not be elsewhere and what is trending elsewhere is not always what is trending here in the Ozarks. A few styles were carried across most of the lists, so those are the ones I feel are truly  trending right now. Here’s what I found.

First, the basics…
Taller narrower cakes seem more popular than wider shorter cakes.  Stacking tiers off center is back and so fun. Square cakes are making a comeback as well as some oval ones but hexagon and heart shapes are a thing of the past. Satellite cakes or cake trios are making a big splash especially with dessert tables.

Black, Black, BLACK–  It is the new “in” color and it looks gorgeous with White, bright and metallic colors.

Marble- Marbled fondant is everywhere and it’s easy to see why.  It is stunning in any color.

10649783_852778328079216_986665136268489323_nPersonalized Cakes– Having your new last name put up nice and big on your cake topper is one thing, but these days couples are finding new ways to personalize wedding cakes.  This trend has been around for a few years and seems to show up at all kinds of weddings. From monogrammed medallions to names and initials carved in the sides of their cake; from  silhouettes to favorite movie quotes or Bible verses written in script spiraling down the tiers.  There are endless fun, clever and romantic ways to personalize the cake for your big day.

14080079_1258030904220621_3776244019537124982_nNaked/Semi-Naked Cakes– This is the one and only style that was listed on every site I looked at. With the natural rustic feel of these cakes, it looks like they’re bound to be around a bit longer.  The semi-naked cake seems to be a little more popular than the naked cake in my experience.  Brides seem to be leaning away from adorning them with lots of fruits or flowers and more toward adorning them with simple greenery.

Metallic Cakes– The metallic cake made most of the lists I found, however, they were slightly different depending on area.  Gold leaf cakes and bold gold accents( sequins, leaves and medallions) seem most popular in the metropolitan areas, where as softer brushed metallic accents in gold, rose gold, copper, bronze and silver were more widely popular. While I have had more requests for the softer metallics, there have been a few with the bolder ones.

Geode Cakes–  These really cool cakes are one of the newest styles out there. A simple white cake with an edible crystal “geode” cracked open down a good part of the cake usually surrounded by brushed gold. While they are surely beautiful, their popularity hasn’t spread everywhere yet.  If the geode cake strikes your fancy, be prepared to pay a hefty price for the precious gem!

Textured Buttercream– For a few years, Fondant covered wedding cakes seemed to dominate and with good reason.  They present an undisputed flawless and sophisticated cake.  Lately brides are leaning back toward the softer more organic look of buttercream with no shortage of textures to choose from.  You can have  swiped, swirled, ribbed, ruffled, and rosettes to name a few in addition to the classic smooth buttercream. Each more beautiful than the next.  Textured buttercream cakes are a favorite in this area.

Ombre Cakes– These cakes are pretty in subtle neutrals.  Done less often in ruffles and now it is more popular in smooth buttercream or painted fondant.

Water Color and Hand Painted Cakes- A wonderful way to create a unique and personal cake.  With a hand  pained or water color cake, no two are ever the same.

Of course all these trendy ideas are super wonderful which makes it hard to choose a design! I happen to love them all and have a blast making everyone of them!