My name is Debi Keiper.  I am the owner and designer at Incredible Icing in Branson, Missouri.   My philosophy is simple. Make every cake taste as good as it looks and make it look better than anyone could imagine. This is my story.


  I have always made special cakes for family and friends, but with the weddings of two of my children happening in one year, along with their bridal showers and groom’s cakes- I jumped right in. People saw those cakes and wanted me to create a cake for their occasion.  It’s been crazy ever since.

To say I am self-taught is a little misleading.  Inspired by both my talented Parents, I grew up very creative and artsy. Mom taught me to cook and bake.   Dad taught me… to ice a smooth cake… sort of. He actually taught me to putty the seams in a wall which is very close to icing a cake if you don’t count the sand paper!

 Along with the ability to design, I also learned to build all kinds of things.  For a long time, I would move walls around in my house, remodel a room or simply rebuild my yard. Then I realized I could combine my passion for baking with my love of art, design and construction. I began creating incredible custom cakes and it was a win for everyone!

My wonderful husband Joe is extremely supportive of my endeavor. He is my delivery boy/ carpenter/ maintenance man!  Not to mention, he is always there to give his opinion of a new recipe! I am a mother of 4 beautiful children and grandmother to 2 perfect grandsons with 2 granddaughters expected any day. I have the honor of entertaining the oldest of the grandbabies, Eli, who has already started to create his own masterpieces with fondant.

Last year, with the support of some very special friends, I was able to build a Cake Studio with much more space to work in. I recruited the kids and their friends and went to work designing the perfect atmosphere for my creativity to take hold. Just at that time, my thyroid decided to become over-active and threw my health into a tizzy. Unfortunately, I had to have surgery in October and was unable to use my studio as much as I had hoped.  Now that my health is back on track, I am working in my wonderful studio any chance I get!

From the time a cake is booked to the moment it leaves my care, is so amazing to me. I put my heart and soul into each cake I create knowing it will make someone’s celebration memories so much sweeter. I love the sparkle in someone’s eyes when they see the cake I created especially for them and even more, the look on their faces when they realize it tastes even better than it looks.